Thursday, June 10, 2010

Its all coming off...

Over the last few months I've gone through a rollercoaster crazy ride, and in the process I ate whatever I felt like and didn't exercise at all. Thanks to that great combination I put on the pounds and started to feel horrible about myself. I ended up only being able to wear certain clothes and leaving most of my closet just hanging there never getting used... When I broke my back and had to go to the doctor constantly, I also had to be weighed constantly, which is never good for the ego. The day that I saw I was 30 pounds more than my projected weight was one of the worse for me ever. I'd had it, I was going to get serious about losing this weight and I was going to get healthy. I knew that it was just going to get harder to lose the weight and look the way that I wanted to as I get older so I might as well do it now. So, I set my mind to it and refuse to back down! Good thing I'm stubborn... ;)

My mom and I both had some success in the past with Weight Watchers so I decided to try it again. I also wanted to be more active and healthy, because it's not just about how I look but it's also about my body being in the best condition it can. I've started cooking at home more and sticking with my points and counting everything I eat. I don't resistrict myself from the things I love, but I do enjoy them on occasion and in small portions. Now that I'm on summer break I've got a lot more time to work out and be healthy. I walk about 4 miles a day plus working on toning and everything else that I can do, and it feels great! I still want to eat junk and lay around on the couch, but I can't deny that I really actually do feel a lot better and healthier now that I'm working on changing my lifestyle. I've lost 9 pounds now, and I can't wait to lose the remaining 21, and I'm so excited about it!

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  1. I am so stinking proud of you... Let me know and I'd love to work out.. walk.. whatever with you whenever our schedules allow :)