Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Traveller!!!

I love to travel! I love the excitment that leads up to a big trip! I love to explore and see all sorts of new things! I just wish that I had the money to just travel all over the world, I would have so much fun... :) I got a refund back from school, and while I should have been responsible and put it towards bills, I figured I would rather have some fun. So, I bought myself a ticket to go to one of my favorite places ever to see some of my favorite people ever!!! I'm headed to Colorado, I swear I'm going to live there some day, to see my fabulous Haley and her kiddos. I figured while I was there I should probably go see my super favorite person, CHIP! I mean, I guess I should see my best friend before he ships out for a year to serve his men and get the bad guys... ;) So super excited about getting out of Lynchburg, being able to relax, and spend some quality time with some very important people in my life! Oh, the life of a teacher!!!

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