Sunday, November 1, 2009

true passionate love

I love Jesus! That's seriously the best phrase that I can use to describe myself to anyone right now. Life isn't so great, it's got its ups and downs, its struggles and joys, and really none of that matters compared to my relationship with God. I was talking to a friend tonight and I realized, again, that I had gotten focused on me and my problems, and taken my focus off of God and His love for me. At least I'm realizing it sooner and I know what to do to fix it... I hit the floor on my knees and beg God to transform me and for Him to be the center of my life. I need to remember that my focus is to remain on God and Heaven, and that everything I do here is to glorify Him and show His love to others. I am called to love God and love others, and I will live my life to follow those commandments. That doesn't mean I wont fail and I wont have to go back and make ammends, but it means that I will strive to be closer to Jesus daily and that I will strive to live my life so that He and His glory shines! Praise the Lord that He is forgiving and that He loves us more than we can ever imagine, and with His help we can become the people that He created us to be...

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