Wednesday, October 14, 2009

God's Power

So often I feel that God can't or wont do what I desperately pray He will, and that drives me insane; why do I feel that way? Is it because I don't trust Him or His will for my life? Is it because I think I make better decisions than He does? Is it because I feel that He's let me down before?

No, I don't think its any of these things. While those thoughts have definitely crossed my mind at some point, I know that God has great plans for my life and I trust that He will bring those things to pass when its His time. I have no doubt that my decisions cannot even begin to compare to the decisions and plans He has for me, so I know that if I ran my life I would totally screw it up... Been there, done that before, and definitely not willing to go there again! :)

I really think that the reason I doubt God is because I forget and lose sight of His amazing power. I mean, come on, He created the world in less than a week! I'm impressed with myself if I can get my laundry done in a week, and He created the whole universe! How is it possible that I think He can't handle my problems?!? How many times do I not fall to my knees before my Lord and Savior and beg Him to lead my life and handle my problems because I forget His strength and think that I need to handle this stuff on my own... Definitely humbling to think about His great power in comparison to the power that I think I have in my own life. Praise the Lord that He continually reminds me of His power and the fact that I'm designed to allow Him to lead my life. If only I could constantly remember that...

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