Monday, October 26, 2009

Lukewarm Water

Have you ever drank coffee/tea/hot chocolate etc. that was just warm and wasn't hot? It probably didn't taste all that great and I'm sure it didn't warm you up as you had hoped. If you're like me then you probably put it in the microwave to heat up a little bit more. Or, on the other end of that spectrum, have you just been craving a cold glass of water (pepsi for me!) and then it ends up being room temperature and gross? Well, I'm always heating up or putting more icecubes in my drinks to make them the perfect temperature, and it has become very clear to me over the last few weeks that is how God felt when he said that He would rather us (Christians) be cold or hot instead of lukewarm...

Yesterday in church the pastor dealt with the issue of lukewarm Christians, and wow, was I convicted and challenged! As I reflected on Rev. 3:15-16 yesterday I was shocked and appalled to realize how apathetic and lukewarm I had become in my life and my relationship with God. I had become so focused on my 'life' that I completely took my focus off of God and that's a dangerous place to be. Unfortunately, it is often a dark and painful process to realize that you've gotten away from God and then to begin the journey back to a passionate and deep relationship with Him. The last few months have been a process of God stripping away everything that I found my security in, and leaving me with only Him... It's sucked, big time, but I'm so thankful that I have been through this time in my life. God has shown himself in such passionate and demonstrative ways in my life that has led me to the point where I fall more and more in love with Him every day. It is so sad for me to look back on where I was 2 months ago, 6 months ago, or even a year ago. I completely missed the point and I would say that the word that best described me is 'lukewarm'. Praise God that He is forgiving and always willing to bring us back to Him and show us the plan that He has for our life and how we can live passionate lives for Him. So, I'm alligning my life and my focus on being hot for Jesus and living my life so that I can say that everything I have done is for His glory!

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